We serve many different types of governmental entities, a list of which is shown below. If you desire a listing of clients or references from current clients, simply contact us and we will provide this information.

Public Schools

Sanders, Bledsoe & Hewett remains the premier public school auditing firm in Oklahoma. We are the largest school auditing firm in the state, and have been since it’s inception. The firm offers many services to school districts, such as annual audits, investigative or special audits, compilation of the estimate of needs, consultation regarding the School District Budget Act, bookkeeping services and board presentations. We provide services to the smallest and largest school districts in Oklahoma, and every size in between.

Technology Centers

While technology centers are similar to school districts, they have some very important differences that make them a separate class of clients. We offer several types of services to technology centers, such as annual audits, investigative audits, estimate of needs compilations, consultation on budgets, program reviews and assistance with GASB 34 compliance.

Cities & Towns

The firm currently audits several small to medium-size cities and towns in Oklahoma. We offer services to cities and towns such as annual audits, consultation on budgets, investigative audits, attestation reports to the state auditor and other various services to meet the needs of small to medium size clients.

Rural Water Districts

The firm has built a large client base of rural water districts, and continue to increase these numbers due to our unmatched services. We offer annual audits, investigative or special audits, assistance with GASB 34 compliance, bookkeeping services and other services to meet the needs of these specialized municipalities.

Other Clients

We also provide audit and consultation services to other types of clientele, such as not-for-profit organizations, foundations and authorities, county budgets and other “hard to define” entities.