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Paying Sports Officials

Recently, concern over the proper manner in which to pay sports officials for school events has caused much confusion throughout the state. It is important to know the definition of each individual being paid prior to a check being issued, as their standing within the school district as a vendor or an employee will determine how these persons will receive their pay. An employee that works at a...

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Lease Agreements and Bond Fund Issues

Many of the questions we have received in the last few years have related to equipment lease agreements and conduit financing through the use of a public trust issuing revenue bonds. Rosenstein, Fist & Ringold, Inc. have addressed the important legal issues related to these two areas of concern in their recent issue of Chalkboard. We appreciate the assistance of the firm for allowing us to...

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Treasurer and Encumbrance Clerk Training

Treasurer and Encumbrance Clerk Training As most of you are aware, the passing of Senate Bill 668 made it a requirement for every current treasurer and encumbrance clerk to complete at least 12 hours of training in school district finance before July 1, 2007. Further, any treasurer or encumbrance clerk employed after July 1, 2007 must complete 12 hours of training within nine months of employment...

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